Fitness is not a diet | not a phase | a lifestyle

It is what you do consistently that shapes your life| If it is important to you, then you will find a way!

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Staying active during lockdown

Social distancing, self-quarantining, and the closure of many gyms have made it harder to exercise. It is especially important to stay active during this time. Regular exercise is good for …

Gymnastics Rings

Calisthenics kind of day!

Why I love GYMNASTIC RINGS Conventional exercise simply cannot compare to the stimulation of deep muscles that occurs working out on gymnastic rings. The unstable nature of this fitness tool …

There’s nothing sweeter than SWEAT!

Working out has become one of my main sources of therapy over the years. It’s cheaper, it’s more accessible, and it does more than just improve my emotional state. After …

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ZOOM HIIT is here!

Currently running via Zoom until #iso is over. Casual and session packs avail. DM me for details.

2-1 PT

2-1 Personal Training is here!

*with effect from 28 Sept 2020 If you live local to VIC 3978, you need to read this! Grab a friend/spouse and get fit together. Outdoor location of your choice (5km …