Calisthenics kind of day!

Conventional exercise simply cannot compare to the stimulation of deep muscles that occurs working out on gymnastic rings.
The unstable nature of this fitness tool means you have to push to a higher level of intensity to perform a move such as a pullup. As well as actually having to perform the pull up, your body also has to stabilise itself in mid-air, recruiting more muscle fibres in the process.
The joy of functional training is that it can feel like play, rather than a chore.
Training on gymnastic rings is the same kind of movements you performed effortlessly as a kid in the park – seamlessly transitioning from one bit of equipment to the next by swinging, pulling, pushing and rotating.
As well as strength training, gymnastic rings give you the added superpower of mobility and flexibility.
My routine today includes:
– 15 min of Core Warmup
– Top Support & RIng Dip
– Neutral Grip Pull up
– False Grip Pull up

Gymnastics Rings
Gymnastics Rings


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