The power of plyometrics


Plyometrics (“plyo,” for short) used to be called “jump training.” It’s a technique that you can use in many different ways.

For instance, you can do plyometrics to help train for basketball, volleyball, tennis, or any other activity that uses explosive movements. You will do a series of jumps and hops, like jump squats or one-leg hops. You might jump up and onto a box or bench, or jump over cones. Some moves will be faster than others. It’s a fun alternative to an everyday strength-training workout that boosts your muscle power, strength, balance, and agility.

You can expect your legs to get in great shape from all the jumping and hopping. Moves like jump squats fire up your glutes to make them stronger.You will see changes in athletic performance, such as increased agility and it’s good for building lean muscle mass. The high-intensity nature of plyometric training means the body is pushed into the anaerobic threshold zone quite quickly.

When it is progressed safely and gradually, plyometrics is suitable for almost everyone, even older clients.

Examples of Plyometric movement:

– Box Jumps
– Lateral Jumps
– Plyo Push ups
– Long Jumps
– Burpees
– Squat Jumps
– Jumping Lunges
– Skater
– Knee Tuck Jump

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